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By the way, TERRA-P dosimeter is based on the professional dosimeter-radiometer TERRA used as the armament for the Ukrainian army, and enjoys popularity among many different countries of the world. The household model with built-in clock and alarm clock is light, compact, easy-to-use, with ergonomic design, and is intended to control gamma and beta radiation types.read more Purpose of use
-Measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate.
-Measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose
-Evaluation of surface contamination by beta radionuclides.
-Clock, alarm clock.
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Logical question arises: how then can I make sure there is no radiation present? It's as easy, as ABC! For this purpose there is a Ukrainian household dosimeter TERRA-P from "Ecotest" trade mark. Its development was stimulated by a large number of appeals from average citizens willing to buy a radiation detector for everyday use of high-quality and at a reasonable price. read more

Soeks-01M dosimeter is used to:

Check for radiation pollution:

- of foodstuff
- at purchase of real estate
- of construction materials
- of places for building construction
- of places after Chornobyl accidents
- of suspicious items
- while traveling
- when hunting, fishing Soeks

Supply from 2. Mai 2011

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